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Danach musst Du Dich unbedingt mit den Rahmenbedingungen auseinandersetzen.

Durak Rules

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Durak Online card game. Download Durak Online card game. Übersetzung im Kontext von „durak“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Durak ist zweifellos das beliebteste Kartenspiel in Russland. Card games Fool simple and Fool translating - rules of the game: The game uses a deck of 36 cards (the dignity of cards by seniority: from ace.


"Durak" bedeutet Narr. Der Narr in diesem Spiel ist der Verlierer – der Spieler, der noch Karten hat, wenn alle anderen Spieler keine Karten mehr haben. Das auf. With Durak - Fool Or Not, you can play this game wherever you want! How to play​: Durak - Fool Or Not has the classic rules of the worldwide known game. Jahr Anpassung of the Classic Russian Card Game Durak (Kartenspiel), Battle of Durak (Kartenspiel) Merkmale New Rules, Complex Strategies, and a.

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Durak - In Plain English

Several versions of Durak can be played online at meingames. Podkidnoy Durak Thanks to Alexey Lobashev for help with the detailed rules and variations of this game.

Players Podkidnoy Durak is best for four people playing in teams, two against two, with partners sitting opposite each other.

Cards A 36 card pack, the cards in each suit ranking from high to low: ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. Objective This game has no winner - only a loser, or a losing team if played with partnerships.

Deal Any player may deal the first hand. The Play Attack and Defence The play consists of a series of bouts. If the defender beats this second attack card too, the attack can be continued with further cards, subject to the following conditions: each new attack card must be of the same rank as some card already played during the current bout - either an attack card or a card played by the defender; the total number of cards played by the attackers during a bout must never exceed six; if the defender had fewer than six cards before the bout, the number of cards played by the attackers must not be more than the number of cards in the defender's hand.

The defender succeeds in beating off the whole attack if either: the defender has beaten all the attack cards played so far, and none of the defender's opponents is able and willing to continue the attack; the defender succeeds in beating six attacking cards; the defender having begun the defence holding fewer than six cards has no cards left in hand, all the defender's cards having been used to beat attack cards.

Drawing from the Talon After a bout is complete, all players who have fewer than six cards must if possible replenish their hands to six by drawing sufficient cards from the top of the talon.

Sequence of Play The general direction of play is clockwise, and for the first bout, the attacker is the player to the dealer's left.

West attacks with the 7 and North beats it with the East can now continue the attack with the 7 , which North beats with the East and West have no more sevens or tens to play, so North has beaten off the attack.

The four played cards are discarded from the game. West draws the top card from the talon, East draws the next one, and then North draws two.

Now it is North's turn to attack East. West attacks with the 7 and North cannot beat it, so has to pick it up. East has the 7 so gives this to North as well.

West takes the top card from the talon and East takes the next one. The attack succeeded, so it is now East's turn to attack South.

West attacks with 7 which North beats with 10 ; East continues with 7 beaten by J and 7 beaten by K ; now West can play the J beaten by Q and J trumped with 9.

At this point East could play the K , K or 7 and West could play the 9 or 9 , but they have already attacked 5 times so they are only allowed to play one more card.

In fact the 9 is the best choice, since North has already trumped a diamond and leading another is likely to put North under most pressure.

As it happens, whichever card East and West play, North can play the J , beating off the attack. The twelve played cards are discarded. West draws from the talon first, then East, and finally North takes 6 new cards from the talon.

North now attacks East. West attacks with the J , which North beats with the K. West continues with the K and North decides to pick up North could legally trump with the 7 , but in this case East's sevens would be played next, and North would eventually have to pick up these low cards.

When North picks up the jack and two kings, West could give North the K and East the J in addition, but in fact East and West choose to keep these good cards.

West draws two cards from the talon and then East attacks South. The Endgame As players run out of cards they drop out of the play, and the other players continue.

The effect of this on the sequence of play is slightly different depending on whether the game is being played individually or with partnerships: In the individual game, when a player has no cards the turn simply passes over that player to the next person in clockwise rotation who still has cards.

The defender must beat this card too. Apart from this, other players at the table can attack the defender if they had cards from the same rank of one of those on the table.

The defender cannot be attacked by a number of cards that exceeds the number of cards in his hand. Besides, in the most common variation of Durak this number cannot exceed 6, even if the defender has more cards.

If the defender cannot beat one or more cards he has been attacked with he must collect all the cards at the table and add them to his hand.

If the defender succeeds to beat all the cards, these cards are discarded and placed in a separate heap called otboy.

In the next turn, the defender will attack. After the turn is over, no matter whether the defender succeeds to beat all the cards or has to take them, the players who have less than 6 six in their hands compensate their hands from the remaining deck, so everyone at the table will have at least 6 cards.

Then for the third attack, an attacker can do an attack with 9, Queen, or Ace. After a turn Attacker attacked six-time or Defender run out of cards gets completed, all the players draw enough cards from the remaining deck to get back their hands to six cards.

The drawing will not take place after the remaining deck runs out of the cards. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Required Deck A 36 cards deck is used. Players Two to six players can play this game. The last person with cards left in his or her hand is the loser the fool or "durak".

Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. New Items. These are the basic rules to the game, although there are several variations. This is when it is critical to be able to defend, and often when players use their trump cards.

Players often play low trumps in the initial plays in order to keep their hand light but may play high trump cards in special circumstances.

A good strategy is to get rid of low cards in the initial attacks. Unless playing the lowest trump beats ace version, it is recommended to keep the trump ace until the endgame, as this is the best card for defense.

It is important to pay attention to what cards are used in the initial plays as it will help you have an idea of what cards are needed to defend once the endgame begins.

Since trump cards are valuable, you should strive to get rid of non-trump cards in the beginning stages of each game. A lot of Durak involves chance, but experienced players quickly learn how to make a bad hand go a long way.

It takes a few plays to get the hang of the game but quickly becomes second nature. Overall, this game is fun and simple once you learn how to play.

It is an excellent card game to add to your repertoire. While Durak can be played with players, it is generally more intimate and enjoyable with players.

It is one of the most popular card games in Russia and is slowly branching out to the rest of the world. While it may take a few times to learn, Durak is a great game that will keep you and your friends entertained time and time again!

If the defender beats the first card, all other players may join in as attackers. Defender must beat all revealed cards.

Otherwise he must pick all cards in play including ones that have been beaten. A successful turn ends when the defender beats all attacking cards.

All cards that have been revealed during this turn are removed from the game. End of Turn When a defender has successfully beaten all the attacking cards, all the cards that have been in play are removed from the game.

Every player must take his turn to refresh his hand by taking as many cards from deck as needed to bring his hand to a total of as many as have been originally dealt to each player 6 or 7.

The original attacker refreshes his hand first. All other attackers follow in clockwise order. Defender refreshes his hand last. If the deck has been exhausted, players who are left empty handed withdraw from the game.

They are lucky, for they will not have a chance to lose. The player who completed a successful defence becomes the next attacker against the player to his left.

If the defender was not successful, the player to his left becomes the attacker. Endgame The endgame begins as soon as the deck is exhausted and there are no more cards to refresh one's hand.

As cards and players are eliminated, strategy becomes much more important than luck.

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Der Verteidiger wehrt den Angriff erfolgreich ab, wenn eine der beiden folgenden Bedingungen zutrifft: a Der Verteidiger hat alle angreifenden Karten soweit geschlagen, und keiner seiner Gegner kann oder will den Angriff fortsetzen; b Der Verteidiger schlägt erfolgreich sechs angreifende Karten; c Der Verteidiger beginnt die Verteidigung mit weniger als sechs Karten und hat keine Karten mehr im Blatt, da alle Karten des Verteidigers zum Schlagen der angreifenden Karten verwendet wurden. The drawing will not take place after the remaining deck runs out of the cards. Full Deck : Some players prefer to use the entire 52 card deck when playing the game. The ranking of the cards in this larger deck is as Spiel Deutschland Gibraltar from high to low ; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. A Trump suited card outranks any card of a non-trump suit. The person to the left of the attacker is always the defender. The game uses one standard 52 card deck, and is designed to be played by So Kreuzworträtsel to 5 players. Quick Navigation How to Play Durak. Bubble Download new attacker Japanische Sportarten the next player in turn after the defender, and the new defender is the player after that. Otherwise he must Durak Rules all cards in play including ones that have Boxen Ergebnisse Vom Samstag beaten. Now, you know How to Play Durak. If the attackers play too many cards, the defender can choose which cards to beat or pick up, giving the remainder back to the attackers. When the Yatzy Anleitung runs out of cards, play simply carries on without any more cards being drawn.
Durak Rules Durak (russisch Дура́к Durák, deutsch ‚Dummkopf') ist ein traditionelles russisches Kartenspiel. Ziel des Spiels ist es, nach aufgebrauchtem Deck möglichst. Durak Online 3D - a modern version of the famous card game. Die moderne Version des berühmten Kartenspiels! Play now and join thousands of players who. "Durak" bedeutet Narr. Der Narr in diesem Spiel ist der Verlierer – der Spieler, der noch Karten hat, wenn alle anderen Spieler keine Karten mehr haben. Das auf. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Durak Online card game. Download Durak Online card game and enjoy it on. Bet 365 Bonus, this game is fun and simple once you learn how to play. Rules After an attack, players will draw cards to return their hands to at least six cards. The player to the attacker's left is the defender. Like in many other card games such as Omsk Time and rummy, the first person to play is the one who holds the lowest trump suit in his hand. Read the basic rules before the game. Auf meingames. Game from 2 to 4 players. Der Angriff war erfolgreich. Durak (Russian for Stupid) This rules rendition by Alejandro Tkaczevski. Object Not to lose. There is no single winner, but there is a single loser. The last player with cards in hand is the loser. The game involves some luck but mostly strategy. Like in chess, each player may develop his . In partnership Durak, a player may never add a card to an attack in which his partner is the defender. The first player to completely deplete his hand of cards is declared the winner. The game then continues from this point with the remaining player playing independently exactly as in standard Durak until only one player remains with cards. Rules for playing Durak. 36 card deck - (numerical cards 2 through 5 removed) players. The deck is shuffled and each player receives six cards. The top card on the remaining deck is made visible and placed at the bottom of the deck at a 90 degree angle (so that its denomination and suit are visible). This determines the trump suit.
Durak Rules The rules Siege Durak changes surprisingly few rules yet substantially changes the pace and experience. It’s still played with a normal playing card deck with jokers and ranks 2–5 removed (leaving. Rules After an attack, players will draw cards to return their hands to at least six cards. The original attacker draws first, then other attackers moving clockwise, and lastly, the defender if needed. The last draw card is the flipped up trump card. For the second and subsequent hands there are two alternative rules - players should agree at the start which to use: "Duraka uchat" (the fool is taught). Obviously the fool is taught to defend himself, and the person to the right attacks "Is pod duraka hodiat" (we go from under the fool) - the. 1st phase: The attacking player must have a card in their hand If a player wants to counter a card, they need to produce a stronger card. So, if a player puts a 6 of Hearts, in order When and if a defender manages to fend off an attack, a new phase of the game begins. Durak - Rules, Tips, and Strategies Remember, each player draws from the draw pile until they have 6 cards at the end of each turn, even if the defense is successful. In some variants of the game if the last card played is a 6 by the defender, the defender is cheerfully declared the D urak s pogonom, or 'fool with an epaulet.'.
Durak Rules


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